Mug - Cormorant by the slipway Mug
Mug - Cormorant by the slipway Mug

Mug - Cormorant by the slipway Mug

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There is nothing like a stroll along the seafront in Clontarf to wake you up before you start your day or to refresh you at the end of the day. There are many birds but one particular bird that likes to spread and dry its wings in the sun by the slipway is the cormorant. It is fascinating how the architecture of the slipway mirrors the shape of the cormorant, like wings spread out with the little arches creating shapes like feathers.  This cormorant with a pop of blue inside the mug can remind you of your stroll along the seafront as you enjoy your cuppa.

Mug Specifications: 

Ceramic mug suitable for dishwasher and Microwave

Capacity - 350 ml

Dimensions - 96mm high with diameter of 82mm