We will be back at the Red Stables Market, St. Anne's Park on Saturday 23rd September, 10 - 4pm
We will be back at the Red Stables Market, St. Anne's Park on Saturday 23rd September, 10 - 4pm
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FODC Civic Collection commission.


My Civic Collection commission for The Chair of Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, Councillor Siobhán Currie.

This was a really exciting project I was lucky enough to work on in the depths of lockdown.  Here is the story of how the piece came together.

Here is where it started. The wee painting and the first attempt at the large one. Lots moved around and the composition was a bit of a challenge at this stage.


The water is in. It seems to work. Enough blue greens to make it interesting and I think I can play with the flow at the bottom.

The greens are getting exciting. In the original small version I went for fields, this time I doesn't feel right. A big decision that I am not sure how to handle...

Wow! the sky looks good. The paper was mad expensive, a messed up sky would have meant it ended up in the bin...phew!

A scene only works if it is believable. Seeing trees at Crom and Devenish at the same time is a bit of a stretch, but I think I have done it...

Got this book in school from Gerry Slavin who worked with daddy in Kents. I still refer to it 25 years later.

From up here it's looking like a big piece.

The main work is done and it's time to enjoy the details...

There is nothing more enjoyable than taking off the tape... 🙂

A nod to Frank Ormsby here for you poetry experts.

The jetty seemed to bring it all together.

Here is the wee peacock butterfly.

Really enjoyed more space to play with the town. The white space at Monea can't be touched.

I started under the water. I love how the pike (peck) turned out.



Here is me before heading off to hand over the piece.

An here is the official handover to Siobhán.  A great end to an exciting time.


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